20 Jul 2016 Determining h-index More simply, the i-10 index ranks scholars' impact by how many of their publications have at least 10 citations in other 


This website contains many kinds of images but only a few are being shown on the homepage or in search results. In addition to these picture-only galleries, you 

Methods: A database of all surgical programs in the United States was created. H-Index / Citation / i10 index Details of INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF MANAGING INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY (IJMIT) ISSN: 0975-5586 (Online); 0975-5926 (Print) Sedangkan i10-index, menurut Wikipedia (2019), “The i10-index indicates the number of academic publications an author has written that have at least ten citations from others”. Sebagai contoh, pada sitasi suatu jurnal di Google Scholar, i10-index bernilai 2 artinya terdapat 2 artikel yang dikutip oleh minimalnya 10 artikel lain. For the most accurate h-index calculations, ensure you attach as many pieces of work to your profile as possible. Go to your profile page and you should see the citation data, including the h-index, in the top-right corner. Google Scholar also calculates the i10-index metric, which indicates how many papers you have which have at least 10 This page describes for each national team country the H-index, the I-10 index and the number of football clubs that participated in the different World Cups I am working on a project to scrape data from Google Scholar. I want to scrape an authors h-index, total citations and i-10 index (all).

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It can be defined as follows: i10-Index = The number of publications with at least 10 citations. Now you must get the question of what I need to understand by I10-Index definition? Or you will be wondering what will be the conclusion for I10-Index? It’s very simple.

i10-index, 111. Innehållsansvarig:Administrator Applied Physics.

L Olsson, A Jerneck, H Thoren, J Persson, D O'Byrne. Science advances 1 (4), e1400217, 2015. 369, 2015. Climate change: Motivation for taking measure to 

h-index, 1, 1. i10-index, 0, 0.

Min forskning är mycket citerad och i Google Scholar har jag totalt 199 artiklar som har citerats 13 200 gånger, med ett h-index på 68 och ett i10-index på 140.

Climate change: Motivation for taking measure to  Google Scholar Metrics: Citations = 2000; h-index = 21; i10-index = 26 (9 Maj, 2016). 34 articles i peer reviewed-tidskrifter; 5 bokkapittel; 1 patentansökan (USA)  Citat, 2, 2. h-index, 1, 1. i10-index, 0, 0.

What is h index and i10 index

Climate change: Motivation for taking measure to  Google Scholar Metrics: Citations = 2000; h-index = 21; i10-index = 26 (9 Maj, 2016).
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If the scientist’s 18th most cited publication was cited 18 or more times, the h-index would rise to 18.

The i10-index is the newest in the line of journal metrics and was introduced by Google Scholar in 2011. h index corresponds to a scientist's h of his/her N papers that have been cited at least h times each, while the rest of the N papers have less than h citations each.
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The Hirsch or h-index continues to be one of the most popular author-based metrics, despite some of its flaws and limitations. In some cases, citations to some academics’ work are increasing at a phenomenal pace, and in some exceptional cases such as Highly Cited Researchers (HCRs), whether alive or deceased, citation counts to their work have reached tens or hundreds of thousands, with h

M-index = 1.583333. First author H-index = 33. Last author H-index = 32.

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Zitate, 191, 123. h-index, 3, 2. i10-index, 2, 2 Kvalitet och publikationsdatabaser. H Carlsson, J Eriksson, L Eriksson, T Lund, C Rehn, A Svensson, 3, 2010.

Tjänsten "Henley Passport Index" har släppt sin årliga lista över vilket av världens pass som är bäst att ha och även i år är det japanskt pass som toppar listan. 17 H Code SYÖTTÖKULJETIN INMATNINGBORD FEEDING CONVEYOR 18 i Halkaisun ohjaus i1 i2 i3 i4 i5 i6 i7 i8 i9 i10 i11 i12 i13 i14 i15 i16 i17 i18 i19 i20 9055757 Reservedelar Spareparts V2 Innehållsförteckning / INDEX Fig 1 Stel  242, 243 alatea: each H 180, H 200 each H 190S, H 150E each H duschkar alla EXAUST PARTS Innehåll: Index: Rak rör Sraigh pipe Rörböj m. muff end wih Styling KATALOG 2009 Krom Fälgar Bilvård www.ndf.se 1 i10 KOMFORT Typ  Vid dagens slut hade OMXS-index gått upp 1,4 procent. H ningar.

Paper Citation (Google Scholar): h-index=54; i10-index=221 · Description of impact · Documents & Links.

You need to find the HTML elements that contain the data that you want to extract. In this particular case, the indexes are  11 Feb 2021 i10-index. A productivity indicator created by Google Scholar and used in Google's My Citations feature. It represents the number of publications  7 Nov 2019 H-index scores can indicate both the quantity and quality of a scientist's work based on number of publications they have published and their  6 Aug 2015 I propose the index h, defined as the number of papers with citation basic statistics: total citations, the h-index, and the i10 index, which is  8 Nov 2019 Self-citation can add bias to the overall H-index. Google Scholar describes an index called i10 index.

Very simple and straightforward to calculate; My Citations in Google Scholar is free and easy to use; Disadvantages of i10-Index Author-level metrics are citation metrics that measure the bibliometric impact of individual authors, researchers, academics, and scholars. Many metrics have been developed that take into account varying numbers of factors (from only considering total number of citations, to looking at their distribution across papers or journals using statistical or graph-theoretic principles). The h-index is an author-level metric that measures both the productivity and citation impact of the publications of a scientist or scholar. The h-index correlates with obvious success indicators such as winning the Nobel Prize, being accepted for research fellowships and holding positions at top universities. The h-index and the i10-index are metrics for measuring the impact of a scholar on the larger academic discussion. We are all familiar with weighting search results by citation count, a method of ranking that assigns greater authority to results cited most frequently in other articles.